General body meeting for re-election of Bhan Minor on 29-10-2013

By NCAWB January 28, 2016 13:23

General body meeting for re-election of Bhan Minor on 29-10-2013

The Farmer’s organization Bhan minor is a part of Naukot irrigation subdivision. The formation process was initiated in the year 2002 and first election was held 23-07-2013. Through this election the Bhan Minor registered as farmer’s organization under registration number NC/FO-89 (August 2002). It is consists of eight (8) water courses. It off take RD 66.80 of Mithrao Canal and its total length is 2.73 mile. It has 7659 acres gross command area among of them 7465 is culture able command area. The Farmers organization Bhan Minor successfully completed 2nd tenure and 3rd tenure was due. The field team Kot Ghulam Muhammad started social Mobilization process on the FO Bhan Minor in this continuation GB meeting was called on 24-09-2013, in which previous body was dissolved and election committee was constituted by GB members. After GB meeting Election committee announced complete schedule of re-election and same communicated to all water courses.

After completion of re-election process on water courses by the election committee of Bhaan Minor, the general body meeting for re-election of Bhan Minor was called by RO Mr. Abdullah Khoso at the FO office of Bhaan Minor.

Meeting started with the welcoming remarks by Ghulam Rasool Junejo, afterwards Mr. Abdullah Khoso Returning officer Bhan Minor initiated the election process and shared the agenda of the GB meeting of Bhan Minor with all the general body members. The general body members 21(87.5%) were present out of 24, in the meeting, Afterwards Mr. Abdullah Khoso shared the procedure and guidelines of Election regulation 2004 for the re-election process of BOM members. Apart of this Mr. Abdullah Khoso issued instructions for voting process same was pasted at FO office for guidelines.

1 (Small) 2 (Small) 3 (Small) 4 (Small) 5 (Small) 43 (Small) 53 (Small) 332 (Small)


After that each General body member cast his vote to the nominated members for Board of Management after receiving ballot paper. As completed voting process RO announced the result of successful candidates of Bhan Minor. It was first time in the history of Pakistan in irrigation reforms that a women contest re-election process for chairperson and she succeed.

The newly elected Chairperson Mrs. Raheela Bibi expressed her views that i am thankful to all farmers they had expressed their confidence by electing her and she would ensure that all farmers received their water without any discrimination.

At the end Mr. Nazeer Ahmed Essani General Manager Transition SIDA said that this was the first time a woman grower was elected chairperson of FO Bhaan Minor and hoped that the newly elected body would ensure the equitable distribution of water that also reached the tail-end growers. At the end he thanked for his warming welcome by the farmers of Bhan Minor and also congratulated newly elected body. At the end inaugurated the new office of FO Bhaan Minor and farmers of Bhan minor presented the traditional gift of Ajrak to the guests.

Newly elected Board of Management of Bhan Minor


S# Name Designation Tenure Location Land Size
11 Raheela Bibi Chairperson 1st H 22
2 Younis Mirrani V.Chairman 1st T 50
33 Gahi khan Secretary 1st H 20
44 Noor Muhammad Treasurer 1st T 13
5 Dr Mushtaque memon MCM 2nd T 15
66 Niyaz Muhammad MCM 1st H 35

List of participants


S# WCA # Name Designation Name of organization
1 1L Mr. Niaz Muhammad Gurgez Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
2 1L Mr. Ghulam Murtza Secretary FO Bhan Minor
3 1L Mr. Ali Muhammad Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
4 2R Mr. Raheela Bibi Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
5 2R Mr. Ghai Khan Secretary FO Bhan Minor
6 2R Mr. Dodo Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
7 2AR Mr. Raichand Kolhi Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
8 2AR Mr. Lakhi Mirrani Secretary FO Bhan Minor
9 2AR Mr. Salam u Din Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
10 3R Mr. Muhammad Ameen Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
11 3R Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Secretary FO Bhan Minor
12 3R Mr. Ali akhtar Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
13 4L Mr. Munawar Hussain Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
14 4L Mr. Ramzan Khaskheli Secretary FO Bhan Minor
15 4L Mr. Shahnawaz Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
16 5T Mr. Dr.Mushtaque Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
17 5T Mr. Zohaib Jabbar Secretary FO Bhan Minor
18 5T Mr. Shafi Muhammad Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
19 6T Mr. Noor Muhammad Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
20 6T Mr. Muhammad Hassan Secretary FO Bhan Minor
21 6T Mr. Muhammad Hassan Otho Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
22 7T Mr. Muhammad Soomar Chairmen FO Bhan Minor
23 7T Mr. Muhammad Younis Secretary FO Bhan Minor
24 7T Mr. Naeem-ul-Allah Treasurer FO Bhan Minor
25 ****** Mr. Abdullah Khoso Returning Officer FO Bhan Minor
26 ****** Mr. Syed Ayaz Shah Member EC FO Bhan Minor
27 ****** Mr. Ali Sher Member EC FO Bhan Minor
28 ****** Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ex-Treasure Bhan Minor FO Bhan Minor
28 ***** Mr. Ghulam Rasool Junejo Assistant Manger (SM) NCAWB
29 ****** Ms. Hidayat Narejo Assistant Manger NCAWB
30 ***** Ms. Zhida Baloch Assistant Manger (SM) NCAWB
31 ***** Mr. Sikandar Mangrio Assistant Manger (SM) NCAWB
32 ***** Mr. Abdul Rasheed Maher Manger SM & Gender NCAWB
33 ****** Mr. Masroor Ahmed Shahwani Acting Manger (SM&G) SIDA
34 ****** Mr. Parveez Ahmed Bhanbhan Assistant Manger Transition SIDA
35 ****** Mr. Sajjad Hussan Senior Sociologist M&E
36 ****** Mr. Sanuallah Memon Sociologist M&E
37 ***** Mr. Nazeer Ahmed Essani General Manger Transition SIDA
38 ***** Mr. Imtiaz Soomro AEN Irrigation department
39 ***** Mr. Mukesh Surveyor Irrigation department


By NCAWB January 28, 2016 13:23
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